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We offer a number of Consulting and Project Management services that go beyond traditional staffing.

Recruitment Process Auditing

We will conduct a complete assessment of the current goals, tools, budget, resources, and team that make up your company's hiring process and organizational structure. From this assessment, we will offer explicit recommendations for making improvements and reducing inefficiencies.

Planning & Strategy

Work with us to identify your company's specific staffing needs and goals. With a firm plan and set of strategies, we will find any number of qualified candidates and help them successfully assimilate into your company.

Recruitment Training

Develop your internal staff's recruiting skills. Your hiring managers or HR professionals can work with our highly-trained, experienced recruiters to refine and improve their skills in hiring, screening, or sourcing candidates.

Recruitment Outsourcing

Are you thinking about outsourcing all or part of your recruiting and hiring activities to an external service? We act as neutral consultants in the recruitment outsourcing process to help you choose a service, manage the responsibilities, and ensure your staffing needs are met.

Project Leadership

When our clients require more support in managing a recruiting team or developing staffing plans, we fill in as interim Project Leaders or Project Managers. Our staffing professionals have held positions in both Talent Acquisition and Human Resources at major corporations.

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